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About The Artist:
  Carl "Tad" Jones has a solid background in the music industry. He's performed for many private parties and venues over the years. In July 1995, he wrote and recorded two original tunes, Carl's Eyes and Every Word, for music producer Billy Black at the famous Nightingale Recording Studios in Nashville Tennessee.
Tad started his exploration of music playing drums in cover bands through out the 60's, 70's and 80's. He learned to play acoustic guitar  jammin' with other musicians during those years and decided in the early 80s, to try a singer/songwriter duo with Greg Ellingsworth. They originally went by the name Friends but changed their name to Tad & Greg in the 90s. Tad loves playing acoustic guitar and singing what he calls "Acoustic Island Rock! He often plays solo but has performed with many local musicians over the years. He's currently in a duo with keyboardist Chris Andrews called Salty Soles.
   Inspired by his favorite country and blues artists, Tad started writing his own songs in the early 80s. He was invited to record two of his originals, His Eyes and Every Word,  at Nightingale Recording Studios in Nashville during the summer of 1995. His songs were added to a compilation CD with other artists and presented to radio stations and marketed to the music industry.
    During the summer of 2008, he performed with Second Sight at the Harbor Shack in Rock Hall Maryland. This was a regular gig performing mostly cover tunes for the local party crowd but Tad really wanted to do more of the island sound and his own originals. Late that August, the band was approached by a regular patron of the bar, John Webster, producer of No Wake Productions, and asked to perform live on the Harbor Shack deck for the filming of a new TV show called Making Waves in a No Wake Zone. John said he wanted us to look the part and that he would overlay licensed music during the segment. He also said that if the band had any original music to play it and he would assess for possible use in the video segment. The band agreed to performed several of Tad's original tunes for the shoot. John liked what he heard and, after the filming was complete, he offered Tad a recording contract for three of the originals to be used in the pilot episode featuring Rock Hall.
    In September 2008, Tad signed a contract with producer John Webster of "No Wake Records" for three of his originals to be used in the forth coming TV show  "Makin' Waves In A No Wake Zone. Working closely with Jack Gorton of Rice Gorton Pictures in LA, Tad recorded the tunes in Erwin Musper's Bamboo Room south of Cincinnati.  Simple & Free, Chesapeake Bay and Do They Have Rum would be featured in the show with Simple and Free selected as the theme.  Recording with Jack Gorton, an accomplished LA movie and music producer, and Erwin Musper, a world renowned sound engineer for John Lennon, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Van Halen and The Scorpions, was a pivotal moment for Tad's music career. 
  Between 1998 and 2012, Tad built, owned and operated Root Cellar Recording Studios under the business name, Tadpole Productions. During that time, he produced and recorded artists such as: Kit Stewart of the once famous Philly rock band "The Kit Kats", Joey Folkerson, Greg Shrader of The Lost Orphans, Greg Ellingsworth, and Deloy Moore, solo artist and co-writer from Charlottesville VA. 
   During the summer of 2001, Steve Kilbey, bassist, singer and songwriter for "The Church" , booked studio time and hired Tad to help engineer, produce and record a solo album he was writing. He planned to travel back to his home in Australia to finish the project but, once his producers listened to Tad's work, they decided to release the CD world wide. The CD, entitled "Dabble", is still available today on The Church website.
Still pursuing my musical dream!
Carl "Tad " Jones



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